Marketing Action Plan

It’s about getting things done.

Is marketing done when you’re quiet / get pushed aside when things get busy?

Does it fall on you as the business owner to do it all, when you’re not even sure how?

Do you know what you want your marketing to achieve?

If this is you, then let’s get together to plan. It starts with a Marketing Strategy Session to produce your 90 Day Marketing Action Plan (MAP).  A plan to get things done in the timeframe we have, both parties committed and focused on getting the customers you want. 

Our 90 Day Marketing Action Plan (MAP) follows the fact finding work we have done in the Marketing Strategy Session. We present this back to you with tactics and actions to make your business marketing ready.  A plan based on, this is what we need to do and we have 90 days to turn it around with the timeline and milestones set in place. 

The MAP is for ambitious business owners like you, those who don’t have the time, know how or inclination to take this on as another project. A professional marketing consultant will create the MAP and manage the entire project for you. After all, we’ve done this for busy business owners for years. 

We’ve seen how the early enthusiasm starts to wane as designers and developers need your time to move things on.  We give you that time back and speed everything up to produce brand and website collateral you can work on much sooner than trying to manage it yourself. No more missed opportunities and a happier, more focused business owner. 

A comprehensive road map for your business with a 90 day plan of actions to transform your marketing. How your target market sees you and how they will find you.  You can choose to do it yourself or let us take it off your hands and work with you over the 90 days to execute the plan. 

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Marketing Strategy Session and Marketing Action Plan

The right strategy, plan and tactics to grow your business. 

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