Marketing Action Plan

Doo … it’s about getting things done.

When we present your Marketing Actions Plan to you, it's all about tactics and actions that will help you to grow your business.

Every marketing plan for a small business that we create is based on your aspirations and the recommendations we give can help to optimise every stage of your customer journey. How you look and sound, how you attract and keep the clients you want. And how you lose the ones you don't want, the ones who drain your time, energy and money.  

How it works

Marketing Action Plan delivered within one week of the Marketing Strategy Session.

Formalise the tactics and actions that work.

Fill the gaps to optimise the stages that don't.

A marketing structure which is tailor made to fit into your business. 

An easy to manage communications plan for blogs, emails, social media and event planning. 

You can choose to do it yourself or work with Doo to execute the actions in the plan. Our systems, structure, processes and project management give you clarity, consistency but best of all ... things get done. 

Let's talk about growing your business

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