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Why stepping stones are better than leaping for new business

Posted in , on Sep 07, 2018

Recently, I helped three clients get ready for events. A conference, an exhibition and a workshop. In all three cases, my clients’ had a view they would turn up and if conversations led to business, then great.

In fact it rarely does.

What I mean is, if this is the first time they have met you, it’s never really going to turn into “I want YOU to fix my problem”.

There is however, the opportunity to draw them in more effectively.  By this I mean with a STEPPING STONE. Just as it sounds, with a step closer to the main purchase, based on their problem (and their timing).

Think of it as a shop. The sales poster, as the temptation, draws you in. Once inside, you are more likely to buy.

Here are a few examples of stepping stones with desired outcomes:

Stepping Stone 
Desired Outcome
A review to find out where they are going wrong
They are impressed with your advice and want you to help them
A demo to show them how your technology works
They try it and like it therefore happy to sign up long term
A guide or fact sheet to help them solve their problems
They benefit from how helpful you are and get in in touch to explore further
An invite to a workshop as a taster session
They see you as the expert and want more of your time with something more bespoke
An extra special invitation to a corporate hospitality event
They see you as a good business which brings them one step closer to becoming a customer

To doo:

Next time you have an event, try this:

  • Find out who is attending
  • Create a hit list of those you would like to talk to
  • Think of the trigger that will make them act first
  • Create a list of stepping stones from the trigger ideas
  • Now shape what the best stepping stone is
  • Prepare marketing material i.e. your pop up banner, postcards, flyers, conversations even, around that stepping stone to draw them in. To the stepping stone, not the main purchase.

By creating the stepping stones, people will naturally follow them. It’s far better than the expected leap which could result in falling short of hitting your target.

Other than getting wet, you may never make it to the other side at all.

If you have an event coming up, don’t waste the opportunity by aiming for the big leap. Get help in creating your own stepping stone with a Discovery Call on 0113 869 0107, as the best place to start.