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Call to actions and why they need to work on both sides

Posted in , on Sep 21, 2018

If you want something you generally ring up to enquire, book or buy – right?

Now, imagine if you call and you’re all set to do any of the above but no one picks up the phone.

Puzzled, frustrated or just leave and go elsewhere?

Let me tell you how this works with a tale of two estate agents:

Both in a great location in town.

Both with well-made up shop fronts with images to purchase and gestures to call in.

Both with promotional tactics to draw you in – social media, brochures, property guides to takeaway.

Both with an expensive looking website, well maintained and call to actions focusing on PLEASE RING.

Where they differ?

You ring.

One estate agent picks up the phone with a lovely warm welcome and an offer to help you further. Perfect start.

The other doesn’t pick up the phone at all. It’s left ringing and there’s no answer machine with an invite to leave a message. Not the best start.

So for all the marketing money spent on a great shop window, promotions and website, the simple call to action – to make contact – falls off a very large cliff. No deal.

To doo:

Think about your marketing collateral now:

1) Check your website or marketing material gives people clear instructions as to what action you want them to take – phone, email or leave contact details.

2) From the action, make sure the next step is managed – answer machine, email response set up, a process to contact within a set time when they leave details.

3) Ask a colleague or associate to check and give you feedback on the processes for all and improve where needed so they are seamless.

4) Ensure all future marketing material, brochures, signs, banners, postcards and flyers for example, all have a clear call to action with a process in place to ensure they work.

Another quick tale is a prospect who was about to embark on an SEO campaign to drive visitors to his website. Problem was he had no answer machine to manage the calls from all those visitors. Definitely no deals!

If you need help with call to actions and next steps to make sure they work, start with a Discovery Call on 0113 869 0107, so we can start marketing tactics (and money) leading to more deals.