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Use key words and get found on LinkedIn

Posted in on Jan 06, 2017

Building the network you want and being able to find people you want to talk to, is the best thing about LinkedIn. So how can you make it easier for people to be part of your network? Simple, include key words in your profile to help get found on LinkedIn.

To doo – research the key words you want to be found for then make sure they are in every section of your profile, skills and recommendations. Make a list and plot them in wherever you can.

1. Think of LinkedIn like Google

Using the right key words in your title, summary and experience all supports searches on LinkedIn. If someone is looking for a Wealth Manager, those with Wealth Manager in their title and used cleverly throughout their profile, will be found easier than those who don’t. In Advance Search, the ‘key word’ section at the top is a prompt to put the words in based on what you are looking for, so it makes sense to think of the words first, then put them where you can.

Use them in previous experience and ask people to mention them in recommendations too. Every time key words are used, you go a little higher up in searches for those words.

2. Be social, grow your network and be there when they are looking

Join groups, not just industry related groups but those with potential customers like a local Chamber of Commerce or business network. The more groups you are in, the more access you have to connect with like-minded people or customers you want. Follow your clients companies, they will appreciate it and you can comment on their news when you see them. Ask them to follow your company back too but make sure it’s full of useful content first.

Use Advance Search to find people and always send a personal note of introduction explaining why you want to connect. Keep your profile interesting with your posts but also industry posts … all adds to your credibility. Join the conversation with a Like, Comment or Share – making you a good social business and someone they want to do business with.

Get noticed on LinkedIn for all the right reasons so when they are ready to buy, they buy from you.