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The Traffic Light System to avoid clients crashing

Posted in , on Mar 06, 2018

Doing a really simple Traffic Light exercise gives you an instant overview of your clients and what you need to do to retain their business. What you really need to do in some cases.

Our To doo shows you how to avoid disaster with a RED, AMBER, GREEN exercise.

The Traffic Light System to avoid clients crashing:-

  • First draw up a list of current clients, manually or ideally using your CRM system*.
  • Create an excel spreadsheet from your report, with clients down the left hand side.
  • Along the top, colour code RED, AMBER, GREEN.
  • Now plot the RED’s, the ones you know are not happy; may have grumbled to one of your team; feel they’re not getting the service they signed up for; could look elsewhere.
  • Then the AMBER’s, the ones you have not spoken to for a while; who plod on knowing you are there; been with you for a while and seem satisfied with everything; no need to look elsewhere. Yet.
  • The GREEN’s, they love you, you saw or spoke to them recently; you know as you always check in to see how they’re doing; you know they truly love you and won’t go anywhere else because you look after them, like no one else could.

Now look back at your Traffic Lights and prioritise the RED’s, with actions you need to do address their grumbles. Don’t email, pick up the phone and talk to them. Find out why and put plans in place to turn it round. This week.

Work on a Loyalty Programme so the AMBER’s don’t turn RED. Of course we can help create a simple Loyalty Programme but you can start by creating a wish list of what it could look like. Structured right with systems in place so your Loyalty Programme is followed to create more happy clients.

Work on getting your GREEN’s on to the Loyalty Programme from day one so you’ll always know if they’re approaching AMBER. Wow them with great service so the RED never happens again.

Try our simple Traffic Light System or call us for help in creating a Loyalty Programme for your business on 0113 869 0107, alternatively leave your details on our Contact page. 

*We use KulaHub as our CRM and Email Marketing system. It’s revolutionising the way we work. Take a look and get in touch to find out what it can do for you too.