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Time off? Time on your business - Our 3 summer marketing actions

Posted in , on Jul 20, 2018

Ready for a holiday? I think most of us are. It’s that time of year when businesses slow down and there’s a sense of “putting it off until I get back”.

BUT it’s also a great time to get things done too.

With this, we’ve put together a short list of Top 3 summer marketing actions you can do, whilst things are not so busy. These have been put together based on many conversations with business owners. The most common “I must get round to that”.

Time off? Time on your business - Our 3 summer marketing actions:

LinkedIn Profile - spend time re-wording your LinkedIn profile to attract those you want to do business with. Work on your Summary and add paragraphs to your Experience sections with key words people search for. Get found quicker and look impressive when you do.

Contact Database – set one up if you don’t have one and get rid of your business card box for good. Alternatively, clear it up if you already have one. Get rid old contacts and dead leads. Make sure every client, prospect, referrer and associate is on it. How organised would that be! We use KulaHub if you do need to set one up from scratch. Get in touch if you would like to talk through.

List your FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions or Killer Questions as we call them. Make a list of the questions you get asked a lot. When prospects enquire, when they become a customer and when they’re working with you. These question make for great blog content or social media posts. By giving content away with prepared answers, you are being topical and helpful when they need it most.

Even if you only do one of the above, you’ll feel organised, motivated and ready for September – when you and your customers are set to go again.

Need a little inspiration?

To get you started, take the morning out to update your LinkedIn profile with us here at Doo. Find relevant contacts, learn how to create good content and put together a LinkedIn Action Plan with our summer workshop.

Summer LinkedIn Training – return from holiday fired up for business!

Click on the link to find details of our open workshop or book a 121 to do your profile with personal training. Call 0113 869 0107 and I’ll go through it all with you.