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Six tips on being there when customers need you most

Posted in , on Jan 22, 2019

I recently had my slow to fire up, laptop fixed with an IT company. Like anything that holds us up, we have a need to get it fixed in our time, often not theirs. How this IT company handled it struck a chord with me. It put me at ease that they were dealing with it - even if I wasn’t put to the top of their priority list.

Here’s how it played out.

Me: anxious, about to throw said laptop out of the window.

IT company: no problem bring it in, we’ll run a diagnostic and let you know.

IT company: email me a ticket so I know it’s logged and in the system.

Me: less anxious, I know it’s going to be dealt with, I can drop my laptop in.

IT company: lovely greeting, here’s what we’re going to do and this is how long it will take.

Me: happier, I know what they are going to do to find out the problem and I know by when.

IT company: call to give me an update and send the quote to get it fixed straight after the call.

Me: much happier, I know the problem and I know how much it’s going to cost. More so, I know when I will get my laptop back and I can do my job again.

IT company: do as they say and hand it back with an update on what they have done.

These are simple things but they make such a difference. We can’t always fix things in the time the customer wants but we can put processes in place to respond.

To doo:

This week, think about these six tips to help with being responsive. To make customers less anxious when they need you most.

1) Ensure your answer machine is on so they can leave a message (seriously some don’t!)

2) Work internally on coming up with response times. Within two hours, within 24 hours. It’s not the time that matters, it’s the fact the customer knows when you will respond.

3) Put processes in place the response time will be adhered to. When you can check answer machine messages, check in on emails and website alerts.

4) Make contact when you say you will.

5) Look at a ticketing service as a way to acknowledge the message (internally, externally or both).

6) Look at automated emails so responses kick in straight away and the customer knows what’s happening next.

The main thing here is to work on putting your customers at ease and do as you say so anxious becomes happy customer.

BTW thank you Fivenines IT Services you were indeed brilliant!

Good luck and if you need help with systems to improve your response tactics, get in touch on 0113 869 0107.