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A practical guide to creating a brand style guide

Posted in on Jun 02, 2017

This caught my eye recently, so much so I had to share it with you. If you have ever wanted to create a marketing toolkit for your business, this should be in it.

Creating a brand style guide (or brand guidelines) as a blue print of how you want to be seen and heard every time. A document like this puts a firm stamp on creating consistency in every piece of marketing collateral you use.

What I liked about Sasha Laferte’s article ‘How to write a style guide for your brand’  in the Content Marketing Institute, is how practical it is. A one off exercise to do, creating a brand style guideline from scratch as a blue print for your business. Both internally, this is who we are and externally, to those you trust with your brand.

Sasha looks at why use a style guide and what to include to create a good one. One to hand over to your graphic designer, web developer, PR or marketing consultant when using your brand in print, digital and copy – and won’t they thank you for it!

To create trust in your brand, ensure consistency in its use, to look and sound how you want each time, taking time out to read why is time well spent.