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Marketing systems to improve (not necessarily to grow)

Posted in , on Dec 11, 2018

An associate of mine said something interesting to me recently. He mentioned a prospect of his who needed help with marketing. I asked if the company wanted to grow, his reply made me think: 

"It's not always about growing, sometimes people need help with marketing to stay as they are. They need help with systems to make sure everything is right, their clients are happy and the money keeps coming in."

To doo:

Valid point and the focus of my To doo this time. Not to think about marketing to grow your business but to look at what you have now and how you work with your prospects and clients. 

From taking an enquiry, right through to how you deliver your products or services, do this me:

1) Read my previous To doo list 'Why marketing and the customer experience need to work in sync'. This will help you understand the importance of knowing your customer's journey and impressing at every stage.

2) Do the exercise and list the stages in 'Enquiry' 'Conversion' and 'Loyalty'. 

3) Now start to pull together the systems for each one. The things you do, the systems you follow to make sure things get done - right.  

This is the start of creating and improving the systems you have in place. By writing them down, point by point, you can revisit and make adjustments. The aim being, you do this every time you interact with a client. Their experience of working with you is the same. 

Make your systems seamless and foolproof for you and your team to follow. Improve your systems to make them memorable - for clients to take notice (and shout about how great you are). 

If you need help to map out your Customer Journey or to create the systems to ensure the customer experience is a good one, get in touch on 0113 869 0107.