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A guide to Trello - a marketing project tool that gets things done

Posted in , on Aug 21, 2018

When I first set up Doo 6 years ago, I searched (and searched) for a project tool that would help me manage my Marketing Action Plans. Separate to that, I needed a Communications Plan that was easy to follow. 

For both I found Trello.

I was introduced to it by an associate and since then, I have introduced it to many other associates and clients. It works for all sorts of projects and I have lots of examples how those I work with, use it.

Lewis Parrott of Freelance Effect, sent me this recently and I can honestly say it's the best guide I have found on how to set Trello up and get the most out of it. 

Really easy To doo - start using Trello!

1) Go register to Trello.

2) Read Lewis' guide 'Why you need to start using Trello in your business.'

Once you read this, you will soon realise how you too can introduce Trello to manage projects. Then you too can tell others to help keep them as organised as you. They will like you for it, trust me. 

Good luck.