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LOVE the ones you love - the start of your Loyalty Programme

Posted in , on Oct 09, 2018

I recently posted a question on LinkedIn around focus for 2019. I described mine as helping more clients enhance their customer journey at every touch point. I got some great comments from business owners around looking after clients as their focus. This brings me to my To doo this week.

Think about this - How much marketing time and money do you spend on your current clients?  

In less than a week, I’ve heard from two business owners relate how around 80% of their enquiries comes from recommendations. These recommendations are from people they are working with or have done in the past. That’s a great endorsement for any business owner to know they are doing such a great job. It’s being recognised and shared to help others. That great job stems from how they look after their customers. With this, here’s what you should do.

Think about the customers you work with now. You can do one of three things but I am going to concentrate on the third for this post.

You can do a Mind the Gap exercise to see how you can help customers further and create more opportunities to work together. 

You can do a Traffic Light System to spot any signs of customers becoming disgruntled and in the worst scenario, leaving.

But for now, I would like you To doo the following:

To doo: 

Create a list of your top 5 or 10 customers. The ones who make you money, make you happy or make you proud to work with.

  1. With your list, think about how they became a customer. From how they found you to how they converted into business. Write this down next to each person’s name.

  2. Think about the things you do for them as a customer. How you look after them and know they appreciate working with you. Make notes next to each name.

  3. Next, think about the processes you have in place for them to thank you and opposite to this, how they raise an issue, to complain even, when they are not happy.

  4. I want you to add as many things as possible to how you can look after them more. This is the start of you mapping out a Loyalty Programme. You do more of what they LOVE.  

  5. Start to map out a process for testimonials and/or reviews - how this could work to share the LOVE.

  6. In the same way, write out a process for complaints - how this should work from customers raising an issue with you or your team. What happens when they actually complain. This is the start of your Complaints Procedure. You do less of what they HATE plus put systems in place so it doesn’t happen again.

See my To doo list on Do what they LOVE, know what they HATE to see how this works. 

We’ve covered a few things in this To doo list and I will take you through each one in the next few weeks to help you further. For now, just start on a list of ideas to look after and be there for customers when they need you. 

If you need help with this, book a Discovery Call on 0113 869 0107 and I’ll go through it all with you in more detail.