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LinkedIn or LinkedOut - 8 steps to create a better profile

Posted in , on Feb 05, 2019

I’ve been on LinkedIn a while now and I can honestly say it’s done wonders for my business. To grow my network, as well as referrals. I was once told two things to consider when I created my LinkedIn profile, which I am happy to share with you.

If your LinkedIn profile was your CV, would you be proud to hand it over for your dream job?

If your LinkedIn profile was a proposal, would you put it forward to land that dream job?

If the answer to either is NO then here’s where to start:

To doo:

  1. Time -  book it out so you know it will get done. Give yourself two hours to research and do. Turn off your mobile and put your out of office on. Think of it as planning for that dream job. 

  2. Research - look around at other profiles, not necessarily in your line of work but LinkedIn profiles that impress you.  Either associates or people you see regularly on LinkedIn. Even research LinkedIn trainers on Google to see how theirs is set out for an easy win!  

  3. Photograph - does it look like someone you would like, trust and want to pass work to? If not, change it. I always recommend a professional photograph. If you look like you've invested in doing something properly then you look like your work is quality too. I can recommend great photographers for this so give me a shout if you need one doing. 

  4. Headline title - create one people will notice. Your title followed by how you can help them is a great example. Check out mine if you like, Marketing Consultant is boring ‘getting things done’ is not!

  5. Summary = which sums up you in a nutshell. Why you do what you do and how you do it. Who you help is great too so they get a feel if you are a good fit. Remember you are not there for everyone but the people you want to work with.

  6. Experience - this is where a lot fail on LinkedIn. Don't leave it as a title with nothing underneath. Make sure you complete each section, a short paragraph is suffice. Include keywords in three to four lines for each job. 

  7. Skills - add and aim for 10 minimum, based on what you want to be found for. Spending time to search for ones that relate to what you do / how you help people. 

  8. Groups - these are great to be part of. Think about a) those you can help b) those you want to be associated with. Be part of the conversation, by getting involved, answering questions or giving advice, you will soon become credible within in your network and on LinkedIn.

Show why you should land that dream job. Book time out and update your LinkedIn profile. Be proud of who you are and pass it about with good content to back it up. Happy to talk through LinkedIn 121’s if I can help. Get in touch on 0113 869 0107.

Good luck!