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Know your marketing money is working? Simply ask

Posted in on Jun 25, 2018

Here’s a Giveaway from me this time. A blog I wrote earlier in the year to a question raised by a new client “how do I know my marketing spend is working?”

My reply.

Simply ask.

Once you know how prospects hear about you (or where they see the prompt to get in touch) you will soon know whether your marketing spend is working. More importantly, what to spend your money on so you get even more enquiries.

Here’s the link and an image you can print off to remind you (or the team who take the calls) to ask the question:

How did you hear about us?

Our To doo this week is to read through our Doo1Thing to find out why asking this question is so important and what it can do to ensure you spend money on marketing that works.

Know your marketing spend is working? Simply ask:-

·         Print off the image ‘How did you hear about us?’ or create your own branded version.

·         If you have an office phone, make sure it’s close by as a prompt to ask.

·         Talk to the team about the importance of asking the question AND why from today, it has to be done “so we know where our enquiries come from, how they heard about us and can track our marketing budget is being spent the right way.”  

·         Create an enquiry sheet or train the team to add straight to your contact database / CRM system.

·         Follow our advice in the blog about how to collate and what you can do with this powerful information to track, measure and report on marketing tactics.

Included in the blog is a tip on when and how to ask the question so it flows naturally in your conversation.

By doing this every time and by getting the team to do the same, you will very quickly (even in one month) understand where your enquiries come from and use this to spend more on marketing that works.

If you need help to spend your marketing money wisely (to win the clients you want), get in touch on 0113 869 0107 before you spend anymore!