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How to improve your profile on LinkedIn?

Posted in , on Dec 02, 2016

Three easy ways to instantly make the make the right first impression when people find you on LinkedIn. A few simple changes for a profile that looks smarter and makes the best impression on your network. When people are ready to buy, make sure you look the part or your competitor will.

To doo – check your competitor and if they look and sound better than you right now, dedicate an hour this week updating yours like it was a CV for an amazing job or a proposal for this year’s big win.


1. An egg for a head

Eggs are profiles with no photograph, a LinkedIn page has been set up but looks like the person can’t be bothered to finish it off.

We like to see professional photographs, they look smarter. Not even too corporate but done to show off your personality, or what your company does. A simple white background looks so much better than an egg so make sure you are not missing out and get one done. Another tip, you wouldn’t expect to meet your accountant on the beach so lose the shades on LinkedIn and the bar in the background.

2. It’s your profile, it’s their CV of you

As you would prepare for a job interview, prepare your profile like your CV. Make sure it’s complete, from your summary, every job you list and every qualification you took, should have a description and not left to people to guess what you do or what you did.

Just listing a job is a waste… 1) people have no idea what you did there other than a title, 2) you are missing the opportunity to add even more key words for search activity.

Add as many skills as you can related to your role so you are more credible than the person who does your job for the competition. Ask for recommendations to fill up your profile page. Two per job as a minimum. It looks great and it gives people the assurance they are connecting with people that do a good job.

Be the best you can be with a good LinkedIn profile and make the best impression you can.