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Getting the most from Twitter’s 160 character bio

Posted in on Apr 07, 2017

After finding a name, you will be asked to complete a bio, a description of who you are, what you do and how you can help. All in a very short space. 160 characters. It’s not a lot so use it wisely.

After all, a company without a description doesn’t say much about that company.

To doo – type out a description, a paragraph on who, what and how, first of all. Then reduce it down, and down again, shortening phrases where you can until you are happy.

  1. Place what you have in the Twitter bio, it will tell you if you are over which means you need to reduce it further.
  2. Remember to give your company a personality. It doesn’t matter what your profession is, being friendly will encourage people to follow you. People connect with people they like so a Twitter business profile shouldn’t be any different.
  3. Your bio should include key words for your target market. The words you use, relating to what they require or like, will add to the appeal of following you.
  4. Be consistent. Link it back to your brand and tone of voice so it blends perfectly in with all your marketing material.
  5. Don’t waste precious space with unnecessary facts. Concentrate on what you can fix, how you can help and what it means to them.

Use it wisely and your 160 characters will be the decision maker – to follow or not to follow. Don’t use it at all and you have missed an opportunity to market your business.