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Finding People On LinkedIn Using Advanced Search

Posted in on Mar 03, 2017

The best thing about LinkedIn is that it allows you to build the network you want and be able to find the people you want to talk to. To make it easier to find the people you want to be introduced to without cold calling, use the Advanced Search.


To doo – next time you search for a person on LinkedIn instead of typing their name in the search bar, use the Advanced Search to enter more information such as key words and location. You might be surprised who you find.


How to use Advanced Search

This is a really powerful tool for targeting business owners that you’d like to be introduced to.  On the search bar at the top of the page select ‘People’ and then click the word ‘Advanced’ to the far right.

This will take you to a screen that gives you a whole raft of options to help you search LinkedIn’s comprehensive professional database for that dream client. For example, if you would like to find copywriters within a 25-mile radius, just enter the word at the top, scroll down, add in the postcode and the area to search within.

If you are looking for facilities managers, remember you are searching by title so type in facility manager to bring up those with that in their title field. Key words will have facility manager in the summary or experience for example, they may have a different job title all together.

Tip: Remember, think about your own LinkedIn profile and how people would search for your skills. Make sure your title, summary and experience have words in that people are searching for.