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Mind the Gap – to instant wins from current clients

Posted in , on Apr 03, 2018

If you really need to drum up sales in a hurry, the first place to start should be with your current clients. Sometimes opportunities are staring you in the face without even knowing or trying.

They may know you for the needs, wants are desires you are already doing for them.

They may not know you for other things you can help them with.

They may know but may not be ready right now to make a switch.

Our To doo this week shows you how a simple gap analysis could lead to more business or flag up when they need a product or service likes yours.

Mind the Gap – to instant wins from current clients:-

  • Draw up a list of your current clients.
  • Using an excel spreadsheet, list clients down the left hand side.
  • Along the top, list all your products (or services).
  • Now using an X, mark what clients are using you for.
  • Look back and spot the gaps where clients are not.
  • Pull together a list to turn those gaps into opportunities to up sell / cross sell.

This worked when I had one of my first jobs in conference and banqueting sales at the Royal Armouries in Leeds. Some clients used the facilities for seminars but not for their Christmas party. Some had used the theatre for a conference but had no idea we did BBQ’s in the summer.

By spotting the gaps you can create marketing campaigns to raise awareness of other products or get on the phone and sell direct for quicker wins!

You can mention in reviews as part of your Loyalty Programme, adapting the pitch around how you help them now and relate other products to how this will help them even more.

If you want to find out how a simple Mind the Gap exercise can help you, book in for a Marketing Takeaway on 0113 869 0107 and we’ll go through it all with you.