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Don’t let this one get away! Listening out for great comments

Posted in on Jul 07, 2017

It’s always great when people go out of their way to write a few words about you or your team. What you did and how it made a difference. You can use these testimonials on your website and on social media. More importantly, you can tell the people who made a difference what a great job they did.

Turn great comments into testimonials 

We've said it before, your team are your eyes, your ears, your relationship builders. The ones on the coalface. They take their calls, they visit their homes. They meet and work with the people who pay you money for doing what they can’t do. So many opportunities to ask and listen about the products you sell and the services you deliver. 

To doo - draw up a list of 5 customers and ring them. Ask them how business is and then move on to working with you. Lead the conversation to comments about your service or a member of your team who looked after them. You're on your way to a sentence that could make a great banner for your website or will sit nicely on your testimonial page. 

1. Who to ask

If you don’t ask you don’t get, simple enough. Knowing who to ask may be what you are thinking. You should however, ask everyone. Good feedback you can use, more of that later. Bad feedback you can and should act upon straight away. Reassuring your customers you are on their side and will deal with it. Then make it your goal to turn them into good feedback people!

2. When to ask 

You don’t have to wait until the end of the project or as you finalise the sale. You can pretty much ask at any time. In fact, have things in place to ask at the milestones that matter. When they sign up, when they are working with you, when the project is complete. Just ask …

3. What to say 

Quite simply “How’s everything going?” It doesn’t have to be complicated or awkward. It’s a question you really need to know the answer to. You can of course dig further, so it is very much a conversation you want to have and you are genuinely interested in the answer. Let them talk and listen …

4. Take a few notes 

Once you have gleamed how happy they are, ask them if you can take a few notes. It’s good to get such good feedback and you want to relay it back to the team, ultimately the person who made the conversation go so well. If they are happy for you to do so, then you can go in with the big question.

Would you mind if I use what we’ve chatted about as a testimonial? 

5. Make it easy for them 

Write a few comments down. Put the words into an email and send it over to them. If they are pleased with what’s been prepared, it’s a pretty much like for like comment based on what they said, you have yourself a testimonial.

Complete it with a second request to use it on your website and in social media so they get to sign it off officially before it goes online.

People like to talk about great service, they certainly like to be given the opportunity to say if they are happy or unhappy. Use it to your advantage.

  • Make the most of the great comments they have just given you.
  • Act on the feedback they have presented and do something about it. Get back to them when you have and keep asking until you get great comments. Even if it’s not the right time to ask for a testimonial, you can still report back to the team you have a happy client again. You can stop any negative comments leading to anything more. Make make changes to your systems preventing any further issues, so what they said leads to a positive outcome for everyone.

Try it!