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Do what they LOVE, know what they HATE

Posted in , on May 29, 2018

Thought I'd share another exercise I do with clients, one where you can really drill down what makes them buy and what turns them off. To find out what they ‘Love & Hate’. Here’s a quick overview.


These are all the things your customers Love about a product or service. How it fulfills their needs, wants or desires. What makes their lives better, what they can’t do without or can’t get enough of. What they love about the businesses who serve them, their people and the industry in general.


Equally, these are the things your customers hate. What a product or service does to fix their problem or challenge. What frustrates them with the service, what makes them complain and start to look elsewhere. What drives your customers’ nuts about the industry in general, the businesses they need help from.


A customer hates it when they have no idea when their parcel will be delivered.

Company introduced a two hour time slot so they could choose a time to suit them.

A customer loved it when the business owner called to ask how their newly fitted kitchen looked.

Company introduced review calls into their diary for the day after final fitting and sent a case of wine to enjoy in their new kitchen. Wow let me tell everyone about my great kitchen company!

To doo:

·         Start with a list of the benefits your product or service provides, what it does to fix their problem, fulfills their need, want or desire. What they love about it, can’t or won’t do without.

·         Now, what your company does well, what your customers love about your team and what special things you do / have done when they have been more than impressed. Think back to great comments / testimonials, what you did that made them say thank you.

·         In reverse, think about when you got it wrong. When a customer wasn’t happy, when they complained, why and how you fixed it.

·         Similar, think about what drives them insane about your industry – being late, not sticking to price, not communicating, sloppy customer service or poor quality of work.

·         Stand back and think about your sales and marketing – are you telling them you do things they love, or pointing out what they typically hate, what you do to make sure that never happens and why you are the business to choose.

Now you know what your customers love – you do more and create processes so it’s ingrained in customer service. And what they hate – you do less or find ways to combat them with great systems. Then communicate those points when speaking to them. So they love them, love you and tell everyone!

If you need help adding value to the things they LOVE or creating processes around what they HATE, get in touch for a Marketing Takeaway on 0113 869 0107 or email to book in.