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Creating the perfect Welcome Window

Posted in , on Jan 22, 2018

How much time do you spend on attracting new customers? Your social media activity, the networking hours you put in, the exhibition you gave up your day for and the prospect meetings you spent so much time preparing. Well done for all by the way.

But once, when all that hard work has paid off, how do you let your clients know they made the right decision. That warm welcome to the company, those next steps and what will happen now they are a much valued client.

All that time I spent on wowing you in the early stages will continue when you become a client.

Here’s how. You simply create steps for the first few weeks and the right welcome communications to pull them in even further.

Our list of 3 To doo’s to map out how you welcome new clients to your business.

Creating the perfect Welcome Window:-

1) External Welcome Window – map out the steps with your team, the T&C’s, the invoice set up, the first time you communicate with them AFTER they become a client.

What will you do now?

What do they need to do now?

What will you do to help make it easier for them?

The milestones, the deadlines, the commitment to make it all seamless.  

2) Timed Communications  – now the first steps have been mapped out, list them in priority and put timings to them. For example, days within say two weeks when you can drip feed all the information they need for a great start.

Now create your Welcome Email (or letter). Starting with a warm message to welcome them in and then, in sub headings for each part, logically go through each point to highlight:

This is what happens now …

All we need you to do is …

To help you we will …

To meet your expectations of us and the deadlines we have set.

Signed by the person who will look after them for the project, i.e. the Account Manager as an introduction and reference made to the team involved. By taking this away from the business owner or sales person, at this stage will ensure a much smoother handover. The client knows who they are dealing with now and who to contact later.

For the client – they know exactly what is going to happen, by who, when for and their part in making sure it is a success.

For you – consistency, organisation, responsibility assigned, control and steps being taken as you want them. To minimise things going wrong and to creating a happier client from the start.

This is a good time to think about what they get, the T&C’s branded, the style and tone you use in the welcome message, the templates you or they need to help make things easier for all. Get help where you need it to fill the gaps – graphic design to smarten up the digital or print work, professional copywriting to create the welcome email or documents they need. One off exercises guaranteed to make the right impression and wow your clients from day one.

3) Internal Welcome Window – update your internal platforms such as finance, job board and CRM at the same time as part of the process. This time focus on what needs doing internally so you deliver what you say you will at the timings expected. The information and structure for invoicing, the management of the project and the communications with your new client. Repeating the format:

What will we do now?

What do they need to do now?

What will we do to help make it easier for them?

The milestones, the deadlines, the commitment to make it all seamless.  

Create processes for every part of your Welcome Window and set up platforms to manage it.

In addition, the account manager who picked up the Welcome Window and is now managing the project, is the person who communicates from this day forward. Allowing you to get back out there and create even more opportunities with a well informed and trusted team, looking after your clients the same way EVERY TIME.

Creating the perfect Welcome Window is simple, you do it anyway. You just need to let them know that, giving very little time to wonder what's going on now as you have taken care of everything for them.