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A blank wall – another excuse for marketing

Posted in on May 05, 2017

We loved this recent addition to BCS Electrics, our favorite commercial electricians had created for their new office in Leeds. Their strap line used in yet another place – it’s on their stationary, their website, their brochures, their social media. In fact you will see it mobile on their vans as they drive around Leeds. This, however … using walls to show off their strap line, is an area often forgotten. Signs Express worked with Dean Towers and Tony Barnett of BCS Electrics to enhance a number of walls. Together they created a whole host of signs around their newly refurbished reception and meeting areas. From ‘on call when you need us most’ as a warm gesture, ‘lighting the way’ as a directional sign to a reminder in the staff kitchen on how it should be left. It all works brilliantly and we are very impressed.

To doo: draw up a list of where you too can use blank walls to remind your team and visitors of what’s important to you:

– your company values displayed in reception
– an appreciation of customer service, how important they are to you
– your contact details so they don’t have to look
– statistics or facts about your company, about your industry
– directional signage so they never get lost
– inspirational quotes to motivate the team, inspire your visitors

Think about your space, the places people arrive into or meet up in. Using the walls to enhance your brand even further is a clever and cost effective way to impress those you care about. It’s internal marketing at its best and done professionally (we always advise) is just another great way to market your business.