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5 things to do for a successful January

Posted in , on Dec 28, 2017

Well we’re back to work and for some it’s a challenge to get motivated. For others, it’s a welcome return to normality and an exciting month to kick start all those plans you made at the end of the year.

Here are a few things on our To doo list, little things that make a big difference.

Top 5 To doo’s for a successful January:-

1) Team Talk - set the scene for 2018 with plans for the year ahead. Put some time aside to bring the team together before the phones start ringing and emails start flowing. Those things that stop you starting the year as you mean to go on. An overview of the year, a look ahead at what’s new. Get their buy in, listen to their ideas, plan and give responsibility to others who can make a real difference. Share what it means for everyone if the business keeps doing well.

2) Customer Focus – if we could give you one bit of advice to take away, as always it’s about giving GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE AT EVERY TOUCH POINT. Now is a good time to think about every stage a customer sees you and interacts with you then to address how to improve it. Taking a look at each stage and making it a WOW experience. From how you are on social media to how you network and follow up. From how you answer the phone to how you conduct a meeting. Vitally … to how you look after the customers you have so they stay with you and even shout about you. How can you make it even better?

3) Communications Plan – introduce a simple Comms Plan for 2018 so you know why, how and when to communicate with clients and prospects. Create an Excel spreadsheet starting with ‘Content Themes’ heading up one column and listing down all those areas your customers need help with. What you want to be known for, your specialities and expertise. Then list months from Jan to Dec heading up the next 12 columns. Concentrating on Jan to Feb first (and in 3 month blocks from there) plan out your content for website posts and social media interaction. Get help from your team for inspiration or check out others in your industry for ideas. More importantly, use your own experience and tone of voice to help those you work with every day. What do they want to hear from you that can help them? 

4) Contact Database – use this time to clean it up! A client of ours closed her CRM system down and started again with a fresh list of contacts. Taking the time to think about each one, their current status (either prospect, client or associate) their sector and services they used or would be interested in. Using the right tags to group people and create content or services for those people instead of one message to the masses. 

5) Gap Analysis – or our version of Northern Accountants’, ‘WOO Chart’, Window of Opportunity. Again using an Excel spreadsheet, listing ‘Current Clients’ as the title in the first column then simply list those who work with you now. Across the top, list all your services as the other titles. Plot in who uses you for what and spot the gaps for those who are not – and could be. Are you missing a trick with some clients and could help them even more? 

You can use 2-5 To doo’s as an agenda for your January Team Talk and get everyone involved. Use your team’s relationship with clients to draw up a list of ideas to WOW customers, create content themes and spot gaps for the best start to drumming up sales for the first quarter.

5 things to do for successful January AND to put marketing (and customers) at the forefront of everyone’s minds for all of 2018. Good luck!