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5 things to do for a perfect Christmas Close Down

Posted in , on Nov 21, 2017

We're all counting the days to Christmas or much better for business owners, the last day of work before we shut shop and head home for a Christmas break. A good few days of family time, no emails or calls, no work related chat.

To help you prepare, here are a few To doo's you can do in December to let everyone know it's definitely not business as usual.

Top 5 To doo's for a perfect Christmas Close down:-

1) Christmas Cards - branded with a bespoke Christmas message so it gets noticed amongst the baubles and tinsel. Try Snapfish if you are a small business and without the need for a big print run. A graphic designer could help with the design to make it more effective and memorable. 

2) Email Signature - create an email signature with office close down days. One website company I know creates festive, branded signature strips for the team, another just adds a line at the bottom with 'We are closing the office for Christmas on Friday 22nd December, returning Tuesday 2nd January. From all of us at XX have a great Christmas'. Add it from the first working day in December so they have three weeks to understand you won't be there (and to speed up what you need from them!)

3) Out of Office - record a festive message giving the date you finished, the date when you will return and a cheery "Merry Christmas one and all" to end - ok so play around with the words! Book this in for the day you all finish. 

4) Christmas Cheer - do something different. Every year, one of my client's creates funny videos, last year dancing elves, with the heads of various team members. All done in minutes through a clever little App. They email this to their contacts and add to their website for social media, always a festive favourite of mine. 

5) Team Talk - at Northern Accountants, we have a Secret Santa, organise last day drinks and close the office early. Families are waiting and as one of the most special times of the year, we all want to get home to them. This is a nice way to end the year, a thank you, a chance to let them know they're in for a great place to come back to. Plan it in and make it part of of your Christmas close down. 

5 easy to implement ways to add to your Christmas Close Down procedure. Give dates to all and plot in your diary for next year to be even more organised in 2018!