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Doo have a magical Christmas

Posted in on Dec 21, 2017

What I have learned this year has been incredible. A few things have transformed my business and I hope by thinking about your business at this time of year, you are looking back but looking forward too:

Taking time out for my business

Introducing 'Doo Fridays' to work on my own business. From structure to systems, from introducing sales pipelines to targets and to creating a communications plan which I cannot wait to get cracking on in the New Year.

Introducing systems

As mentioned, for everything single thing I do in Doo, for each stage of my customer's journey, for workshops and marketing. Go buy E-Myth Revisited by Michael G Gerber to introduce systems into your business. On top of this, look at Trello to organise your world. Life changing. Business changing. Ask me how?

Taking time out for my associates 

Working with my accountant, Phil Ellerby at Northern Accountants to work on their internal marketing strategy has been inspiring to say the least. In turn, to say thank you to Phil for helping to shape my packages, pricing and challenging me until we get it right. I look forward to working more with Sarah Birkenshaw from Quest Consultancy Services to develop internal marketing further. Learning from my peers on other aspects of marketing from Rich Hayden at Rejuvenate, Sara Hawthorn from InFusion Comms and Deborah Ogden of DO Professional Impact Specialist, all five of which I know I will help more in 2018. Likewise, their skills and expertise will help mine.

Looking after current clients

This year I asked our clients what they wanted from a marketing consultant. Their feedback has helped create a better Doo, with service offerings which are much easier to sell as they are what customers want and need, to grow. I meet monthly with clients and keep close to them in the month to make sure they are happy. Time focused here is so important and it's where I start with my clients when I we start the Doo journey together.

Targeting the right clients 

I know now exactly the type of business I want to work with. Not those who want marketing, but those who want to grow their business. My product is such that it builds the marketing structure first, creates the plan and then works on tactics and actions to make marketing stick. My plan for 2018 is to take this out in workshops and create content to reach my target market.  To help them with external, as well as internal marketing. To improve every touch point their customers experience. To add value to, and reap rewards for being brilliant at every stage and being known for doing just that.

More of this to come in 2018. I am super excited as you can see. 

Merry Christmas to you all and here's to an amazing year ahead.

Marianne x