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Why you seriously need to consider your vision before you embark on a marketing campaign

Posted in on Sep 28, 2018

When I talk about vision, I mean something very specific. A vision is the picture created in the mind of where you want to end up in business or personal life. It’s the end goal you are aiming for - the outcome you envisage when success has been achieved.

Often, people don’t consider what they want from their business when they set up or start to grow. I know this because when I talk to business owners during a Marketing Strategy Session and ask the question “what’s the vision for your business?” I am met with a long pause.

It’s a significant silence that helps me as their marketing consultant, understand that they don’t have a vision defined. They don’t have a picture in their mind of what success looks like nor have they thought to create a vision to work towards.

Here I explain why you need to set out your vision first and what it means in relation to your marketing strategy.

It gives you clarity

Your WHY - if you have not read ‘Understanding the importance of WHY in your marketing campaign’ read this now and then come back to thinking about vision. It outlines how being clear on your reasons for marketing ensures a better rate of success.

By creating your vision in advance, it provides a clearer view of what you are working towards. With a visual image of success, you have an end goal in mind AND a starting point. What I mean by this is, if that’s what you are aiming for (image of success), then the steps you take will help make it happen.

In addition to my last point, these steps will be supported by the decisions you make. This includes at the beginning, your WHY and during the process of achieving what you want. With clarity, you are able to make better decisions, knowing these determine the success of what you have set out to do. You are less likely to deviate and will be more confident in decision making, knowing how they matter in relation to your goal.

It allows you to focus

This leads me to how creating your vision keeps you focused. You have a place to get to and everything you do is aimed at reaching it. Being focused on your end goal will help keep you on track - “this is where I am and this is where I want to get to. The vision I have in mind for my business.” 

Part of this is creating the right steps. Steps more likely to help you achieve the success you want. I do this for example, when I create a Marketing Action Plan for business owners based on what they want to achieve. The plan includes the steps we must take to make it happen.  

These steps are the tactics and actions you take with your end goal in mind. If part of your vision is to manage a successful business, then the marketing tactics and actions you devise will support that growth. To understand this better, read ‘Understanding the marketing tactics and actions to grow your business’ then return to continue with vision and how you manage success.

It monitors success 

By creating your vision, you understand if the steps you are taking are working. To know the steps you put in place, for example in your marketing plan, are helping the vision become reality. Are the tactics and actions working in line with your end goal? Knowledge gives you the confidence to stick with those steps if they are successful and continue with your decision making reasoning.

You can also measure the outcome of your marketing tactics and actions in relation to reaching your vision. There are numerous ways to measure but as an example, setting targets to gain more customers. If gaining more customers will help you reach your end goal, then what clients you need and how you attract them can be measured. 

The opposite of this is when you are not achieving the desired outcome. If the success rate is not what you want it to be, you can adjust your steps to get you back on track. You are still working towards your vision but you are refocusing your tactics and actions to help you get to where you want to be.

With clarity, focus and understanding success in relation to your vision, you can see how important it is to set this out before you start any marketing campaign. There are a few ways to create your vision which I’ll be going over in upcoming blogs (get notified of these by signing up to my mailing list) but right now, let’s focus on Doo 1 Thing.

Doo 1 Thing 

Take pen to paper and start by listing areas of your business you want to improve as part of your vision. This will help when we come to write (or create) your vision in full, items on this list should include:

  • Marketing
  • Team
  • Finance 
  • Operations

Add as many things as you can that are part of your business now and things you would like to improve on.

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