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Why creating values is key to success in marketing

Posted in on Dec 18, 2018

One of my clients asked recently if I would help him create values for his company. He knows how he wants his business to operate but feels his team don’t. If he’s spending money to bring in new customers, he wants the confidence his team are delivering to make sure customers stay.

Here I explain what values are and why they make a difference in marketing success, to attract and retain customers you want to do business with.  

Values underpin everything you do. They are the beliefs that are important to you in how you run your business and your promise to customers as to what to expect. In turn, values are the principles you want your team to follow, to actually deliver on that promise. The values you choose should run through your entire business operations - from internal affairs to the relationship and delivery of service to customers. 

An example being:

VALUE - friendly and approachable 

ACTUAL - just ask, we’re here to help and we will

So why should creating your own business values make a difference?

They determine the type of business you are and how you operate

When you start out in business, you know how you want it to work. How you deliver a service to customers and what you want them to say about you in return. When you take on a team, it’s having trust in them to do as you would and expect the same results. 

By writing down how you want your team ‘to do as you would’ then they have those principles to build on themselves.  

Using the example above, friendly and approachable, your team know:

This is how you want them to take an enquiry. 

This is how you want them to be with customers. 

This is how you want to them deal with a situation where the customer is not happy. 

Friendly and approachable throughout. 

They help you pull in the customers you want to do business with

Again, relating to when you first set up and started working with customers, you were clear on those you liked working with. Bet you were also pretty clear on those you didn’t want to help but had to! You realised the customers who made you happy and liked working with you because, quite simply, how you did it. Going back to ‘how you run your business’ mentioned above, customers were attracted by it and they stayed because of it. They probably told others about it too which is how you grew your business. 

Values help you attract the customers you want as they share a common purpose. If people detect you are ‘friendly and approachable’ from the off, they are impressed enough to find out more and become a customer. If your team deliver on that promise, they will remain a customer because they like how your business operates. 

You are consistent in marketing messages, tactics and delivery 

If you have values which underpin everything you do, then referencing them in marketing communications matches what you say in delivering a great service. 

For example, you want those seeing your social media posts or visiting your website to know ‘This is how we do business. Do you like what you see and does this work for you to? 

If they are attracted by what they see at this stage and like what they are reading, then they are more likely to pick up the phone. 

If they become a customer and your list of values is constantly shown by your team, they will have more reason to remain. Keep delivering on the values (and impressing them with each one) will result in them shouting about how great you are to others you can help.  

Doo 1 Thing 

First of all you need to create your own values. 

Here’s where to start:

Grab a pen and some paper.

With a mind map, write VALUES in the middle. 

Now think about how you want to work with clients, what you want them to say about you.

Use the mind map to place those words. You can see the principles of your business starting to form.

Now list those values and next to each one write ACTUAL and form phrases which relate to delivery.  

This is the VALUE and this is the ACTUAL - what it actually means. Refer to the example above to help with both versions. 

You now have a list of things that are important to you and how your business operates. If you want to share it with your team, you can read my next blog ‘How to create values your team will buy into and deliver to customers’. 

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