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Understanding the importance of WHY in your marketing campaign

Posted in on Aug 03, 2018

I spoke to a director of a company recently who had been referred in by one of my associates; “they need to talk to you because they’re not doing any marketing and they’re not sure where to start”.

We arranged a Discovery Call and my first question to the director was why now? His answer was very clear – “no one knows we’re here”. He knew his why and because of this I knew he was ready for marketing.

Pinpoint your WHY

Understanding why you need marketing support is critical to develop the right marketing strategy for the areas that need attention within your business. Let me explain.

To find your why you need to identify the gaps in your sales pipeline. Is it enquiries from new business opportunities or is it further down the line; keeping the right kind of customers such as those who currently make you money?

Here’s two examples of a business’s why and the marketing campaigns that need creating:

Challenge 1

Why: Attract new business – we want to make sure new enquiries are coming in, to turn leads into the customers we want to work with.

Marketing campaign - work on a raising awareness campaign so more people hear about you and know what you do to fix their problem.

Challenge 2

Why : Increase customer retention – we want to make sure we don’t lose the customers we have already. We want to keep them happy, loyal and shouting about how great we are.

Marketing campaign - develop a loyalty programme so your current customers feel truly loved and want to keep on spending money with you.

Knowing the weak spot in your sales pipeline

It can be hard to admit weaknesses in your business. But knowing your weak spot is vital to focusing the support from a marketing consultant in the right areas. From new enquiries to keeping customers, take time to think about the following options:

  • Have we got enough enquiries coming in to arrange calls or set up meetings?
  • Could we do more to impress our current customers which will lead to more work from those who know us already? Are we doing enough to retain them?

Now, add your pinpointed why from above to your biggest identified weak spot and this will give you your most pressing marketing campaign.

Consequence of forgetting your why 

It might not seem obvious on a daily basis, but when you forget your marketing why it affects the bigger picture of your business. If we look back at the weak spot we can see the negative impact it has:

  • New business - people don’t know who you are or they forget about you. You’ve stopped raising your profile on social media, you’ve cancelled your networking events or you’re not doing any PR. You are not on your prospects’ radar when they are ready to buy.
  • Client retention - your customers get poached from the competition because they don’t feel loved. You’ve not given them the attention they need, they get promises from elsewhere and the pull is too much to justify staying with you.

If you understand why and you’re working on marketing tactics and actions to raise your profile or keep customers happy, then your marketing focus and budget is well spent. To make this easier, here’s where I want you to start.

Your Doo 1 Thing

Think about where your weak spot is in your sales pipeline. Is it more enquiries to convert or improving your retention rate - which one is more important right now?

And, when you’ve done your one thing, you know exactly where to start. Which puts you in the ideal position for a Discovery Call. We’ll ask all the right questions so you understand what’s important and where to start with your marketing campaign, before you waste time and money on marketing that won’t fix your immediate weak spot.

Call 0113 869 0107 or leave your details here to book in a Discovery Call. The first step to creating more business, from where it’s needed most.