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Marketing Planning 2018

Posted in on Oct 06, 2017

Whether it's more customers, to build better relationships with existing ones, introduce new services or simply move premises with a bigger team,  October is the time to start thinking about the year ahead.

As we're fast approaching 2018, we put the question on LinkedIn to find out what Leeds business owners have on their agenda right now.

Here's what they said:

1) Systems - looking at processes to make them leaner. Introducing systematization to make functions run smoother. 

2) Collaboration - pairing up with similar businesses to improve the referral process and help each other win work together.

3) Project shift - taking on bigger jobs therefore a change in positioning to look and sound like the perfect match.

4) Brand awareness - focusing on letting more people know about the service offer. Educating people to what's available and what it means to them.

5) New services - introducing new ways to help clients with additional services. The same overall product, just delivered or packaged to suit them better. 

6) Increase turnover - setting targets and growing the business. Understanding what success looks like and building on the previous year. 

7) Building better relationships - working on relationships with current clients to keep them happy, to cross sell or up sell with the right opportunity. 

8) Measurement - to work out if tactics and actions work. To create and implement measurement processes to understand marketing and sales conversions.

9) Content strategy - to create the right communication at the right time, what clients and prospects want. The triggers to raise awareness / get them to act.

10) Build new relationships - with businesses who need services provided or with people who can help refer business through their network.

11) Planning - for new clients, improve the channels and create the milestones required to win new work.

12) GDPR - the changes to make to be compliant with how data is used and stored, particularly around email marketing. Things are certainly going to change!

13) IT Security - as a result of well known cyber attacks. Links closely to GDPR and the changes to communication, reputation and damage to business.

14) New technology - to make things smoother / quicker. To help us make more money / save costs. This one in particular around video and saving money with dash cams. 

15) Outsourcing - allowing businesses to do what they do best, by outsourcing actually makes them more money. Leaving the hassle to the experts who will get it done quicker.

16) Work Life Balance - getting the balance right. Improving time spent on what's important outside of work. 

A great list and good to see businesses are on the ball now. 

Next ... November and help in creating the plan to make these work.