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How to create values your team will buy into

Posted in on Feb 22, 2019

In a recent blog, ‘Why creating values is key to success in marketing’, I spoke about the importance of values as the guiding principles of how your business operates. But how do you ensure your team follow the same principles in how they operate? 

Here's how - you get their buy in from the start.

This takes me to a values workshop Ben Muncaster, Operations Director with Northern Accountants delivered with their team of 12.  I am now going to share with you how they did it. 

Allocate time out to focus on values

First of all, time was booked out of daily operations. This ensured the team were focused on the area we needed their help with. This being to establish a clear set of values they would use from the service they gave to customers, to what they looked for in their growing team.

Finding answers through active participation

With refreshments, post-it notes and plenty of wall space we were ready to go. Ben gave an overview of what values meant and asked the team two questions:

  1. What values are important to you personally?

  2. What values are important to us as a business?

The team split into two groups and separated from the main workshop to answer both questions. Each member of the team used the post-it notes to describe what was important to them for both questions. We then collated the notes from the teams and returned to the main workshop. 

Confirming the business values as a team

From the pile of post-it notes, Ben then fixed them to the wall under the headings 1) Personal and 2) Business. 

Each team member was then asked to highlight their most important value, the one value that meant the most to them and operationally as a business.

Ben collected the selected, personal and business values and the workshop came to a close. At this point, we all felt we understood each other’s priorities and what was important to service clients going forward. 

From the selected notes, the leadership team came up with a list of core values for Northern Accountants. These were then presented back at the next team meeting with a description relating to how Northern Accountants work with customers and each other - existing and future team members. 

These core values being:

Trust - by just doing the right thing

Inspire - by being brilliant at what you do

Challenge - by believing everything can be done better

Innovate - by seeing opportunity and then creating something new and amazing

Support - by thinking beyond your own needs

So what happened after the workshop?

To ensure the values are not just buzzwords, Northern Accountants have put in place a number of tactics to ensure they play a major part in how the business operates. Here are a few examples:

- wall graphic in reception for customers and team to see

- website content and social media posts 

- linked to actions in weekly, monthly and quarterly team meetings

- examples and recognition in personal reviews 

- used in interview questions to build the team they want going forward 

Doo 1 Thing

If you want to set up a workshop to create your own business values, here’s where to start.

  1. Arrange a meeting with your leadership team and provide details of what you want to achieve.

  2. Find a date to suit your team and send a message with details of the workshop and how you need their help.

  3. Book half a day out if you can and make it special with refreshments, light snacks and drinks brought in as a treat.

  4. Set the scene and deliver the workshop as outlined above. Gather their post-it notes and create the values for your business.

By including the team in the formation of your values, they are more likely to be used every day with customers and each other. What you want for your future team too, recruiting those with similar values who can fit in straight away. 

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