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Are you ready for marketing?

Posted in on Apr 27, 2018

Too often I visit potential clients who are either spending a lot of money on marketing and seeing very little return or about to spend without knowing why. From outsourcing social media, paying for SEO to printing thousands of brochures, too many business owners are paying out without knowing what the return is likely to be. Frustrated, disappointed and with no understanding of the difference it’s making, it’s easy to see why businesses become disillusioned with marketing.

Before you do anything else read my four must-doo tips to help you get the most from your marketing spend.

Know who you are marketing to

Above all, you must know who you are marketing to. Put simply, how can you start marketing when you don’t know who you’re marketing to? Here are some questions to consider: where are they; what do they need; what makes them buy? When is your customer likely to start looking to buy and what triggers help them make up their mind? Understanding this will not only provide a stable foundation for future marketing but help determine what type of marketing you need to do.

Know why your customers need you

Once you know who, it’s time to look at the why. Can you answer why your customers need you? Whether it’s to save time, money or the hassle of doing it themselves, they will have a need, a want or desire for something. You will have a product or service that fixes or improves their problem.  If they can’t or won’t do it, the confidence that comes with knowing why gives you power over your competitors. Working out why they need you and relaying that back to them in the right way, at the right time, is key to how effective your marketing is.

Have the products and processes in place

Business owners often want more enquiries coming in without having the internal mechanics in place to manage these enquiries. Make sure you have the products to deliver when customers need them and the people and processes to deliver them well. From taking an enquiry to the customer receiving what they want, think about every touch point and make it seamless. If the journey to becoming a fully-fledged customer is a good one, then they are happy to keep on paying.  This makes a big difference in the success or failure of the money spent on getting them to enquire in the first place. Taking time out to develop and test those processes before embarking on any form of marketing makes for a happier business owner and a more content team.

Conduct a simple a marketing audit – it’s more straightforward than you think

Look around at what you have now. What type of customer do you have (the ones you like and who pay you well), as well as what you do for them and why. Where are they and how did they find you in the first place. What things did you do for them that made them buy from you. It’s more of those good ones you are aiming for in future marketing campaigns. 

Consider the team you have in place and their ability to deliver on the level of new enquires coming in. Walk through your customer’s journey and make a list of what needs doing to make the buying process seamless. A new member of the team to take on the new work or upskilling the ones you have to enhance the customer experience further.

Think about who else is doing what you do, then come up with the reasons why you are better.  Why the customers you want, should choose you and keep choosing you because you do it so well. Relay those positive messages back to your team in conversations so they know too. Listen and encourage feedback to enhance the customer experience as much as possible.

Now you’re ready for marketing

Once you are happy with knowing more about your customers and you are confident you have the right team to deliver your products, then and only then, are you ready for marketing.

If you are frustrated or disappointed, unsure where to start or about to spend money on marketing, speak to us first. With clarity and a better understanding of your customers, you’ll know where to spend your marketing budget and appreciate the service you are paying for. And, more importantly, reap the rewards from any future marketing you do.