About Us

About You 

You are a busy business owner trying to manage everything. You know you should be doing it but you are not quite sure how. You have tried things but you’re not convinced they have worked. You give it a go but you lose momentum. You have the ideas, you just don’t have the time to do it. You don't have the resource to help or the expertise in house to make a difference.  

You want more customers but you don't know where to start. If this is you and you are ready to grow your business, let’s talk. 

About Doo

Established in 2011, Doo Marketing was set up to help business owners get things done. A Chartered Marketer, with more than 20 years’ experience managing marketing departments before setting up Doo, we recognised business owners needed a marketing partner to work alongside them. To provide the marketing strategy and plan to grow the business. 

Today, we help business owners like you, create the marketing plan to:

- Attract the prospects you want to do business with.

- Impress and retain the customers you enjoy doing business with. 

- Attract, impress and retain the team you want to represent your business.

Ultimately, to create businesses people love working with and for.

First steps? Talk to a marketing expert before wasting any more thousands on marketing that's not going to bring the customers you want.

We want to grow your business!

Why wait? 

1) Book a strategy session.

2) Allow us to create the plan.

3) Let's deliver the plan together.

Sound good? Book in a Discovery Call on 0113 869 0107 or get in touch here now!